Vow for your sake

I have been home all day today watching movies and I came across a movie that I can watch repeatedly and never get tired. A beautiful mind is a movie that touches the depths of my being like nothing else can… Not because it’s an award winning movie but because of the sattle lessons that I get from it.

I am not yet married but if you are and reading this you can correct me in just a bit. What impresses me in this movie is the way John Nash’s wife stuck by him even though he was schizophrenic, and a chronic one for that matter. As John Nash receives his Nobel prize he mentions how he has traveled to worlds that are known and unknown, and the only reason he was standing there receiving the prize was because of his wife.

My view is if his wife decided to leave him he wouldn’t have got that far in his career or even life. No doubt that the wife had a hard time taking care of her husband and even thought of quitting. But she stayed which is scarcely heard of in our time and age where majority of women and men alike are after the material gain. My view is we say vows to each other at the alter for each others sake not just our own. You promise to stay with each other for better, for worse, in sickness and health, for richer or for poorer… For our own sake and more so for your spouse.

When two become one, they function as one and as the bible talks about the body functioning as one, so does marriage function. The hand cannot say one day that today I will see and the eyes to become the hand. All our body parts work together for the good of each other… Ponder on this…


Jonathan Siaga


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