Grand father: A long time ago before I met your grandmother, I met this girl at the market and I was taken by her beauty. Her name was Maryann. In an effort to try get her I gave her jewelry, rare precious stones.

One time Maryann comes to my house crying and I ask what the matter was and she says all the gifts I gave her got stolen. I was heart brocken… And since I was the chief’s son, I sent out a search party to look for the gifts and the thievs. We found nothing even after six months of searching.

Grand son: So what happend next?

Grand father: Five years later, I was married to your grand mother then, I was walking through the market and I notice almost twenty women wearing some of the gifts I gave to Maryann. So I ask one of them where she got her ring from, the one she was wearing, and she says she got it from a lady called Maryann for free. I asked if she was Maryann’s friend and she replied that before the day she got the ring and after that, she had never seen her.
Maryann gave out my gifts like they meant nothing to her.

Grand son: Why would she do that grand pa? What did you do to her?

Grand father: Nothing. She left me few days after the said robbery. You see some women think it’s good sport because of their past. They are way too bitter to play clean. Some women just want to watch men hurt.


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