Naked we came, Naked we shall leave

I was talking to a friend of mine some days ago and he told me of something that he had heard someone say, which has prompted me to write this note. What he told me was this – “Someone told me that a successful man is one who makes more money than a girl can spend and a successful girl is one that can spend all the money that a successful man has.” It sounds funny but to me it’s a very serious issue because if this is how people live today then a lot of us Men and the women are in very big trouble!!

There is even a song that says “No romance without finance…!” I mean this is just sad. What kind of platform are we forming for the growing generation…?? I ask myself… what happened to the days when you could love someone for who they truly are and not what they have?? I have talked to a couple of young adult girls about this and they say it’s all about security…

Let me pause a question to you ladies… when you see a guy asking to date you and or marry you because deeply he loves you and would rather die before he lets anything happen to you and he is not really well to do at the time, do you think that he is inviting you to a life of misery?? “Love don’t pay the bills” some will say but I say this… “Love drives you to do everything to make sure that the girl is comfortable” because “Love conquers all. ”

I speak for the men now when I say this… we are not stupid when we ask you out or your hand in marriage and at the time we have nothing to show for the life ahead but I tell you this… we will give you the world and make sure we do even though we go through hell to make sure you are fine. But the moment this effort is despised then the good man goes out the window and the player checks in. Players were actually good men before they became players and please don’t get me wrong, I am not supporting the players… I am seriously against them. It’s a wrong choice they made to actually become players… but this is a topic for another day.

Ladies cut some men some slack, give them a chance… I am not saying that cashed out men are bad, not all of them are!  Yet not all not well to do men are good either… all I am saying is please don’t base a relationship on material things because you know what… naked we all came to this world and naked we shall leave. Love never fails and it’s the only true thing that stays. If he loves you… and you love him back… all will be fine in the future and God is pleased with that.


Jonathan Siaga


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