A slice of Me

It’s 11:35pm on this day of 9/8/2010. As I lay in my bed I start wondering why I just can’t get better from the illness I have been suffering… Not just now but all my life. To some I may sound like a brocken record, yet some may think that I blame a lot of things on it but I cannot blame their ignorance and, there is an old saying that before you know a person, wear his shoes and walk a mile in them then maybe you may begin to understand them.

Two days before today I went to hospital after being discharged a day before then, with a complication that arose, that still has me in pains till now. I met this doctor who looked young and very eager to advance in his profession, and perhaps too eager that he was really clamsy and kept apologising for every little thing he did wrong on me. I kept telling him it’s ok, do it again and he got it right. He then asked me – How many times do you think you have been pricked by needles… You don’t seem to mind them much! I told him it’s a small price to pay compared to the relief I will get from the medicine. And he said… I know you are suffering and this may probably be your life story – in and out of hospital. I only have this to tell you, we don’t choose where and how we are born… But after we are born we live the best way and the hardest we can. So you do just that.

I live and I do it hard. I am not afraid to live, and I am not afraid to die either. On the split side there are things that if I did I would surely loose my life – so I am called to exercise wisdom for only God is the giver and taker of life and not foolishness. What I hope I have done before I get to my grave is… I touched someones life and as a result their life changed for the better. If you think you have got it bad, take one good look at me and ask – how do you manage? And I will tell you.

Jonathan siagaImage


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