The last Letter

Hi there…

Hope you are well, and everyhting else is fine. I won’t be long… I hope you will read this one… It’s taken me sometime to do this hope we can work out something!!

Just want to say I am sorry for everything, I am sure you realize that things are different between us now for the last couple of weeks and I cannot think of anything or anyone better to blame than me. We don’t talk as much, I feel like we are pushing eachother away, and my question is why are things changing like this??? We don’t say I love you anymore because it feels like saying how we feel, is no longer allowed.

Well I may have said or done something that really disgusted you or made you look at me differently – I am really sorry for that, I didn’t intend for things to get this way. People work things out and if it’s something I did or said – whatever it is, why can’t we talk about it? Anyway I am sorry really for whatever it is, and if I am paranoid – Sorry about that too. Nobody’s perfect and I am Nobody. Sorry for anything I may have caused you. I sImagetill do love you dearly either way!! Am Sorry!




*(A scene from the play – I loved Once by Jonathan Siaga)*


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