the journey


The Journey


Am on an interesting journey where many people have travelled, some are just starting to embark on and yet, some are contemplating weather or not they want to take that route. This journey is called marriage.


In less than four months I shall be living legally, culturally, spiritually and otherwise with a beautiful lady, a gorgeous woman, in the same house and I cannot tell you how I feel about it because its a mixture of emotions. On one side I am thrilled, excited, cannot wait for this to happen because it is how God intends things to be. Finally, flesh of my flesh… Bone of my bones… A helper… A wife! Who would have thought that such a time would  come? Absolutely thrilling.


Then we went for a premarital class and all the realities are laid bare before the us. People who have been married for over 10 years start telling you of their experiences, what they had to endure, some married for five years and yet some only some months. Its scary to hear what challenges they have experienced and triumphs they have celebrated… and secretly we ask ourselves… Are we ready for that? My fiancé keeps asking me “are you ready for that?” Not to say that we will go through the same but  when a challenge presents itself, when a victory is in sight, will we rise to the occasion and deal with them appropriately? Will we celebrate victories modestly?


Suddenly this journey becomes a much bigger deal than we always think. We who are always on the outside looking in and giving advice and recommendations of what we think when we see our friends going through the same things in their marriages… Now you start realizing that there are a million sides to an issue and not just two like the coin. And worse still if you have children involved its just a really thick soup.


So am I unsure? No! I am sure about this journey because one thing is for certain and constant. I will not go through them alone. I have God and my spouse with me, and that is how marriage has been designed. All of the facilitators who gave us a part of their marriage stories, all said that its the best journey you will ever take. My soon to be sister in law once told me and my fiancé that “there is no school like marriage! You are always learning something new everyday that makes your marriage better everyday”.


So am I ready? Are we ready? I cannot say for sure that we are because nothing prepares you for some of the things that present themselves. All I know is that when we get there, I will not cross that bridge alone. If for nothing else,  then this very fact is what encourages me and there are happy times and sad times… Yet still I will have God and my spouse to enjoy that with. What else could I ask for?? And like I said am thrilled, excited and cannot wait for this journey to begin!


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