SO what about things that we hear on the radio? Or books that we read from the Christian book store? What about the conversations that we have? What about things we hear that are being taught at a bible study? How can we know that these things are truly right in the sight of God? How do we know what we should believe when someone comes to us and says – “The Lord told me to tell you…?” When a book says – “This is the key to spirituality…?” or a message is preached on a Sunday or shared at a bible study… how do we know that what is being said is true and right in God’s sight?

Blossoms, buds and almonds appear in one other place in the bible in Exodus 25. When the tabernacle was being built, they placed in the holy place a lamp stand. This was a big menorah that had seven lamps that was burning to light up and illuminate the holy place. Exodus 25:34 says that on the branches of the lamp stand were to be almonds, and blossoms and buds. This is the same thing that we saw on Aaron’s and Moses’ rods. What then does the lamp stand speak of?

Psalm 119:105 – “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my Path”. The point is, does it match up to the scriptures? Isaiah 8:19 – 20 clearly says be careful what you hear from people. Go to the scripture and if what is being said is not coinciding with scripture then there is no light in them. In Acts 17, Paul was at Berea and the people there were called Noble because they would verify with the scriptures what Paul was saying. This is how you know weather a sermon, a book you’re reading, the teachings in a bible study is right – by going back to the Lamp stand.

Something else that also deals with Fruit in knowing what we should believe. It’s not only found in the scripture but is also found in the spirit. Some people can take scripture and use it for their own agenda. They can twist and turn it unintentionally or intentionally to suit their own end. Just because somebody says a verse doesn’t necessarily mean that verse is being used in the proper way. So how do we know? Read James 3:14 – 16.

If what you are hearing even if somebody is using scripture, if it is causing you to feel strife, and envy, if it is dividing and causing confusion then the conclusion has to be that the wisdom is not from above. There is a misusing of the scripture or of a principle and if indeed it is causing strife and tension and envy and confusion… but James 3:17 – 18 goes on to say that wisdom from above is first of all PURE, then PEACE-LOVING, COSIDERATE, SUBMISSIVE, FULL OF MERCY and GOOD FRUIT, IMPATIAL and SINCERE. Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of Righteousness.

In other words, is there peace? Is what you are saying producing peace in my soul? Does it cause me to be in peace with God and my brothers and neighbors or is it causing me to be in strife, envy, and confusion? Is there a dark cloud over my head? Is there a sad depression in my heart because of what is being shared or is there peace because it is pure and gentle, full of mercy, without hypocrisy and easy to be enacted? This is the lens we need to look through when trying to understand what somebody is sharing is valid, true and right in God’s sight.


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